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Ayurveda Consultation

This is a free assessment of your health status through Ayurveda. The basic objective is to know the health status, proneness to disease if any & follow positive steps to a better health & avoidance of the disease. Basically it is designed for primary or secondary prevention of diseases, like Cancer, Heart disease and Diabetes etc. through Holistic Ayurvedic Management. However the assessment is even useful in disease condition, to know the causes, for their avoidance & get help from Ayurveda, Yoga etc. for cure from the disease.

Formation of a disease is a multi-factorial phenomenon, involving factors at physical, mental & even spiritual level. The modern diagnostic methods only explore the physical level. But even then, the system doesn't go to the root cause such as improper food habits, addictions, lack of exercise etc. Stress, anger, depression, anxiety are increasing day by day & are becoming a major cause of diseases like Cancer, Heart disease etc. However no attention is being paid to them to identify them at psychological level & to prevent the onset of a disease. A simple questionnaire will assess your health status & guide you for proneness to disease if any in Ayurcvedic perspective.